How to send email in Asp .net C#

How to send email in using c#. In 2.0,email sending is very easy.In our websites we send a feedback,contact us,registration welcome,Forgot password, news letter etc. to the users mail.By using the classes.
we can access to send the email.The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP) server is used for deliver the mail
using the System.Net.Mail namespace.

In System.Net.Mail namespace having two sub classes MailMessage and SmptClient.

MailMessage contains the properties From,To,Subject,Body etc.

SmtpClient send the Mailmessage data to the SMTP server.

The SMTP server Store the emails in a queue.It sends the mail one after another.

The steps to send email:-
1.use the namespace.

using System;
using System.Net.Mail;
using System.Text;

2.use the MailMessage to send the mail with SMTP Connection Settings.

MailMessage mailmsg = new MailMessage("", "");
SmtpClient smtpmail = new SmtpClient();

mailmsg.Subject = "Account information Verified";
StringBuilder bodyMessage= new StringBuilder();

bodyMessage.AppendFormat("Response From your domain name");
bodyMessage.AppendFormat("Your Account has been deleted if you are not activate\n\n");
bodyMessage.AppendFormat("So Please follow the link To Activate Your Account with Us!\n\n");
bodyMessage.Append("Click Here To Activate Your Account");
bodyMessage.AppendFormat("Registered Email:", "");
bodyMessage.AppendFormat("Note:- If U Already Activate your account means Please ignore this message");

mailmsg.Body = bodyMessage.ToString();
smtpmail.Host = "";
smtpmail.Port = 587;

the mail will be send to the to address for activating the account information.

mailmsg.Subject is the subject of our mail.

mailmsg.Body contains the bodymsg string attach the bodymsg with subject.

smtp.Host is your smtp server name for eg.

gmail smtp server is “”.

smtpmail.port is the port by sending the mail.

smtpmail.Send function is used to concatenate your message,subject and send the mail through the port with the smtp host address.

Happy to send mail.


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